First hurdle cleared for Topgolf site

topgolf colorado

An example of a Topgolf tee line and outfield, this one in Centennial, Colorado.

The owners of a Henrico County site that’s being eyed for a multi-story golf and entertainment facility just west of Scott’s Addition got an initial clearance Thursday evening.

The county planning commission unanimously recommended for approval a provisional use permit to allow around two dozen towering poles and nets for the planned Topgolf venue at 2308 Westwood Ave.

The permit was needed because of the height of the poles, some of which will rise 170 feet and will encircle the driving range to contain balls flying from the facility’s 100 or so hitting bays that will be stacked on three levels.

Plans for the Topgolf facility were filed with the county last month by the owners of the 14-acre site, a partnership between Fountainhead Properties and Rebkee Co. The group paid $6.5 million for the property in a September deal that also included the 220,000-square-foot Sears Outlet and distribution complex and its surrounding 12 acres at 4100 Tomlynn St.

The next step for the project is to take the plan of development in front of the commission on Jan. 24, followed by Board of Supervisors consideration of the pole height permit in mid-February.

Attorney Jim Theobald from Hirschler Fleischer is representing Topgolf.

County planning staff supported the height request, reporting to the commission that the planned facility is a permitted use in that area, as are structures up to 200 feet tall with a provisional use permit.

“The proposed use would be in keeping with the non-residential character of the area, which is slowly adding additional entertainment and service options,” it said.

The report states that while the net poles likely will be visible from nearby areas, other tall structures are already in the vicinity, including communications towers, billboards and the raised portions of Interstate 195.

Topgolf is a fast-growing Texas-based company that has around three dozen high-tech facilities operating nationwide and internationally, and another 18 or so in the works.

Customers tee off from climate-controlled bays that include TVs and tables for drinks and snacks. They aim at lit targets spread across the range, hitting balls fitted with computer chips to track where each shot lands, letting friends compete against each other. Topgolf charges for each bay by the hour – between $25 and $45 depending on the time of day.

The company has been looking for a site in the Richmond market since at least early 2016. Its main competitor, New York-based Drive Shack, is working on a similar $25 million facility off West Broad Street in Goochland County, just west of the Henrico line.

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Aaron Shapiro

Henrico County Planners…shouldn’t Richmond neighborhoods like Monument Avenue and West of the Boulevard have some input for essentially a 18 cage towering over our back yards, among others this area is already a bottleneck for traffic maybe some additional turning and on coming merge lanes the deleloper should provide on those 14 acres? Also what are the hours of operation and are the lights ever put out on this facility? See you at the meeting!

Michael Dodson
Despite the article mentioning of CBS6 tower this project is in Henrico at the location behind the current Sears Outlet. It is a light industrial area that backs up to I-195. It is almost one mile from TJ, over 1 mile from Monument Ave and almost two miles from residents in the Museum District (West of Blvd.) and sorry Henrico planners are required to seek input from City residents. And if they wanted to speak they should have attended the planning commission meeting mentioned in the story. As a Top Golf member and City resident I am glad they chose… Read more »
Aaron Shapiro

Micheal by your admissions I doubt that any of my comments were addressed at the meeting, especially with regard to legitimate questions over traffic, light and the 18 story “antenna array” proposed at the development. County planners have already created a boon doggle in Short Pump and now are pushing their less desirable projects, not effecting their voting base, to the County Line. It also seems that unless you’re one of 5 local names Henrico County has the impetus to push both developers and people around to suit the interests of their “constituency”

Brian Ezzelle

Has anybody from Topgolf studied the history of the now vanished Target Golf that used to be in Short Pump 15 or so years ago?