Luncheonette closes in Shockoe, Brookland Park

luncheonette shockoe bottom

The Luncheonette restaurant in Shockoe Bottom at 104 N. 18th St. has closed. (J. Elias O’Neal)

A local restaurant brand has shuttered its two locations as its owner shifts his focus to other endeavors, including expanding his latest concept.

Brad Barzoloski confirmed Wednesday his Luncheonette restaurant in Shockoe Bottom at 104 N. 18th St. closed late last week, while his Brookland Park location at 10 E. Brookland Park Blvd. closed in December.

“I’m no longer expanding the brand,” Barzoloski said. “I’m using this year to focus on other business opportunities.”

The Luncheonette served American food, ranging from chicken-and-waffle egg rolls and coffeecake pancakes to traditional salad, burger and chicken options.

Barzoloski first launched Luncheonette in Shockoe Bottom in 2014. He established Luncheonette Northside in March 2017 in the former Streetcar Café space in the Brookland Park neighborhood.

The closures do not affect Barzoloski’s latest concept, Capital Waffle Shop, which opened last summer at 1110 W. Main St. downtown. It serves spirited takes on traditional waffles, such as its reuben waffle with corned beef, Swiss cheese queso, sauerkraut, pickles, crispy onions and Thousand Island dressing.

After a four-year stint, Barzoloski said the Luncheonette concept served its purpose by allowing him to learn more about the area’s dining demands and connecting with others in the food scene.

“I’m thankful for what it was,” he said. “But it’s time to move on to something different.”

Barzoloski said he plans to expand the Waffle Shop brand, but would not say where he might take it next.

“It’s just time to do something different in the new year,” he said. “Giving up the Luncheonette is going to allow me to pursue some different ventures, and focus on new ideas.”

With Luncheonette Northside out in Brookland Park, another restaurant already has moved in. Dixie Bell’s Burger Bar, a venture from local sisters Kristin and Kia Player, opened Jan. 13 in the space. Eggspress, the group’s breakfast food truck, also moved into the 1,800-square-foot location.

The two brands will share the space, with Dixie Bell serving burgers and brews in the evening and Eggspress catering to breakfast and brunch patrons.

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