Stony Point Fashion Park further stretches offerings, adds yoga studio

SoulShine Studios is planning to open this spring at Stony Point Fashion Park. (Mike Platania)

A Southside mall has added another nontraditional tenant.

Yoga gym SoulShine Studios is preparing to open at Stony Point Fashion Park.

SoulShine is owned by Marybeth Grinnan, Niki Schemmel and Jessica Forsythe, three longtime friends who’ve taught yoga classes at ACAC Fitness and Wellness Center’s Midlothian location for years.

Grinnan said SoulShine will offer yoga classes, as well as Nia classes, which combine martial arts, dance and yoga.

“It’s not an interval training class,” Grinnan said. “Elements of each are infused into every class. It’s a way for people to expand their movement tendencies.”

From left: Niki Schemmel, Jessica Forsythe and Marybeth Grinnan. (Courtesy SoulShine Studios)

The trio began discussing opening their own shop about three years ago, as they were teaching together at ACAC. After looking all over town for space, Grinnan said they decided to open in Stony Point.

“Stony Point is working to get more lifestyle activities and less retail in there, to be a destination where people come to do things,” Grinnan said. “It was important to find a place with parking, a place where students would want to come and spend some time after class.”

SoulShine is leasing 2,600 square feet in Suite 111, adjacent to Mila Bridal. The space will be split between the studio, and a lounge and retail area. Grinnan emphasized that the class area will be in the back of the space.

“People won’t walk by and see us dancing or practicing yoga,” she said, laughing.

SoulShine will have about 20 to 25 classes per week, with drop-in classes going for $16. Grinnan said in addition to herself, Forsythe and Schemmel, they’ll be bringing in at least two other teachers.

They’re aiming to open in mid-May.

The yoga studio is the second nontraditional retail tenant to come to Stony Point in recent months. Last December, escape room Gnome & Raven opened at the mall, occupying five suites.

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David Humphrey
David Humphrey
2 years ago

Personally, I think this mall would have been better served by better integrating the apartment communities with the mall itself. Currently the two apartment communities are physically separated by being gated and on the other side of the ring road. Having more people integrated in this way would give it more of a feel of activity which it is sorely lacking. This mall has a real chance to become a town center for that area and so far I think they have missed the boat.