The Continental restaurant expanding to Southside

Continental Manchester will be a similar concept to the Continental Westhampton at 5704 Grove Ave. (Photos by Mike Platania)

A local restaurant group is expanding one of its West End brands to the other side of the river.

Johnny Giavos said last week that his group will open the Continental Manchester, an offshoot of the Continental Westhampton.

The Manchester version is leasing space at 609 Hull St. in Thalhimer Realty Partners’ City View Marketplace development.

Next door to the Continental Manchester will be a small market, likely a Stella’s Grocery, the same concept he and his wife Katrina have run at three locations downtown, on Lafayette Street and in Scott’s Addition.

The restaurant will be located near the intersection of Hull and West Sixth Streets in Manchester.

Giavos said Continental Manchester will be a similar concept to his Continental Westhampton that’s been open for eight years along the Libbie-Grove corridor.

“We decided to take the ‘W’ in Continental Westhampton and flip it upside down for Manchester,” he said.

“It’ll be neighborhood-friendly, accessible, not too expensive. Hopefully it’ll be good for that neighborhood. There are so many young professionals over there, hopefully I can bring something that’s a needed commodity.”

The Giavos’ other holdings include Kuba Kuba, The Sidewalk Cafe, Little Nickel and The Galley.

Giavos said he’s unsure when the new Manchester ventures will open.

Johnny Giavos

The Continental Manchester and the market are leasing about a combined 4,600 square feet in 609 Hull St.

Thalhimer’s Annie O’Connor represented Giavos in the lease. Connie Jordan Nielsen and Alicia Brown, also with Thalhimer, represented the landlord.

City View Marketplace is the latest phase of the larger City View Landing project, Thalhimer’s redevelopment of the former Reynolds South plant. The multiphase, 17-acre project includes hundreds of apartments and a commercial space.

Just under 10,000 square feet of additional retail space remains in City View Marketplace following the Continental Manchester and market deal.

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Bruce Milam
Bruce Milam
2 years ago

Excellent! Manchester would love a full service grocer but Stellas Market will fill the void for now. THe projected growth in the District will keep that market and a couple of others like it profitable for many years.

Ed Christina
Ed Christina
2 years ago
Reply to  Bruce Milam

Why is it taking so long to get a real grocery store into that area?
How much population is required?

Bruce Milam
Bruce Milam
2 years ago
Reply to  Ed Christina

I don’t have an answer to that question, except that a number of grocers have been concerned that they would be cannibalizing their existing stores by building in Manchester. There’s still plenty of land left for an eventual full size Aldi, Lidl, or Publix as the District matures. Stellas will be the largest of three small markets within a stone’s throw of each other. I’m sure it will feature a lot of ready made meals from its wonderful kitchen.