Scores are in for BizSense’s BrightSuite Fall Invitational at Independence Golf Club



A foggy start to the day didn’t dampen the mood at BizSense’s first annual BrightSuite Fall Invitational golf tournament held Monday at Independence Golf Club in Midlothian.

And the captain’s choice, par-72 event ended in a photo finish.

Two teams tied for first place, each with a combined 57 strokes for a 15-under par: the foursome of Gary Armstrong, Brad Armstrong, Bob Watts and Matt Paciocco, and the foursome of Henry Shield, Peyton Lawson, Chris Snow and Rob Long.

We also had a tie for the second lowest score.

Bryan Wilson, Kyle Pryde, Zak Sterling and Keith Sheehan shot a 13-under 59, as did Cabell Childress, Brian Haug, Monte Todd and Kyle Yeatman.

The third lowest-scoring foursome of the day was an 11-under 61 from Hannah DeFrank, Camp Peery, Drew Norris and Tom Pritzl.

Enjoy the slideshow above for scenes from the day from photographer Tom Veazey.

Thanks to all who participated and to Independence owner Giff Breed and his staff.

Extra safety precautions at Monday’s event included participants playing in foursomes of their choosing with friends, family and colleagues, and teams arriving in 15-minute intervals for masked, outdoor check-in. Independence also has created a system of no touch points on the course, including no raking bunkers or taking out flags.

The tournament is the latest BizSense event created this year amid the pandemic to ease the local business community back into responsible schmoozing, while still following COVID precautions.

And a special thanks to all the BrightSuite Invitational sponsors below.

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