Lisa Crutchfield

Downtime: The fastest lawyer in Richmond


Roman Lifson spends hours planning race strategy, streamlining his BMW M3 and whipping around race tracks at more than 160 mph. What does he get for winning? “The smallest sticker you’ve ever seen to put on your car,” he says. But Lifson doesn’t just do it for the tiny stickers. He also gets bragging rights,… Read more »

Downtime: Consulting on ice


Consulting can be tough a gig, but lately, landing a Lutz is what’s been keeping Angela Edwards on her toes. The president and CEO of Castle Thunder Consulting in Glen Allen spends her days advising and coaching businesses in finance healthcare, retail, construction, manufacturing, IT and other industries. Most of her other waking hours are… Read more »

Downtime: Under the hood of landlords’ car collection

Francisco Bruce Willis car ftd

Sharon and Peter Francisco own dozens of properties in Lakeside, but an old gas station building lets them show off their longtime hobby: collecting vintage cars, from Model Ts to DeLoreans.

Richmonder turns eyes to the world’s tallest peaks

Reynolds summit ftd

In the first installment of BizSense’s new “Downtime” feature series, meet Jeff Reynolds. He has climbed Everest, along with the tallest peaks on every other continent – except Antarctica. The DEQ enforcement head is building up to tackle the icy climb up Mount Vinson this fall, planting his boots on the last of the world’s seven summits.