Dwight Jones

Baseball debate turning into a full season of speculation

As soon as it seems dead in the water, the baseball debate in Richmond keeps coming back. Charlie Diradour extended his hand in peace today to those in the opposite dugout at a news conference he called. Connecticut, the giant Indian sculpture, looked down over the scene, a thick layer of pollen dusted over its… Read more »

No more bottled water for City Hall

Glug…glug…gone. A tight city budget means no more water coolers to congregate around for workers at City Hall. Parched employees will now have to turn to the old-fashioned water fountain to quench their thirst. The city ended its contract with Diamond Springs at the end of May. The company provided bottled water and coffee services… Read more »

‘Small businesses really drive the train,’ says mayor-elect

As Mayor-elect Dwight Jones prepares to transition from the pulpit back to public office, Richmond BizSense sat down with him to find out his plans for economic development and fostering business growth. Jones, a Philadelphia native with a deliberate delivery, is no stranger to doing business in Richmond. He chaired the downtown development group Richmond… Read more »