Henrico County

Startup sprouts from S&K ruins

Three former S&K Menswear employees are trying to take the S&K model and run it online. They’ve packed a 3,000-square-foot warehouse with men’s dress clothes and invested $150,000 in the startup.

Bright spots for homebuilders

Homebuilders have been eerily silent the past few quarters, but for builders in Chesterfield County, the market is starting to turn around. It’s another story on the other side of the River in Henrico, where building activity is still in a deep freeze. Homebuilders around Richmond say the main problem now is that most buyers can’t sell their existing homes.

Circuit City’s HQ Liquidation: The Sequel

The bargain hunters are back at Circuit City’s Western Henrico headquarters. The electronics store’s Deep Run III building was opened Tuesday to shoppers. But unlike the sale that ended at Deep Run II, this one is going to take longer – until April – and prices are not negotiable yet.

Qimonda fallout hits local support office

A Japanese company that provided sales and service to Qimonda’s Henrico semiconductor plant is closing its Richmond office, a sign that the fallout from the plants closure is reverberating throughout the region. Tokyo Electron LTD operated an office at 5310 S. Laburnum Ave. just a few miles from the Qimonda facility that is being shut… Read more »

Polluted Henrico parcel gets makeover

A site in Henrico County is slated for commercial development almost 30 years after being identified by the Environmental Protection Agency as a threat to public health. Virginia Beach-based Empire Development purchased 3.85 acres of the Rentokil Superfund site near the intersection of Parham Road and Ackley Avenue for about $400,000 last year from Virginia… Read more »