Mason Gates

Paid with experience, but not $

Most college students believe that in order to get a good job, you first need a good internship. However, the entire internship economy has become a point of contention after a New York Times story reported that it’s likely illegal for most businesses to offer unpaid internships, especially if the student doesn’t get college credit. In Richmond, college students say that they can find paid internships and that they are necessary to get a foot in the door.

Internships website sold

A Richmond website that aims to be the of college internships was sold to a California firm for an undisclosed sum. Three months ago the company had three employees, including founder Mason Gates. Now there are 50 employees working on the project.

How about a little discount?

Even the marble-encrusted board rooms of Richmond can resemble the flea market these days. Consumers and businesses are haggling for better prices or discounted second or third items, according to a series of Richmond BizSense interviews conducted over the past several weeks. Business owners and managers say it’s a dangerous game, because shoppers will expect… Read more » A startup to match interns and businesses

Richmond-based startup is a collection of resources, contacts and ideas for students, employers and educators. C. Mason Gates still talks like the bright-eyed kid that graduated from Radford University with a degree in marketing in 1989. Today, Gates is the president and founder of, a Richmond-based startup that matches college students with internships…. Read more »