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Start-ups navigate in choppy waters

Starting a small business can be scary; sometimes the consequences of a failed business are devastating. But it’s important to look at both sides of entrepraneurship, a point that a recent New York Times blog post may have missed.

More on Body Politic’s demise

The Body Politic, the Richmond-filmed pilot that failed to land a spot on the CW’s fall schedule, was among several other Beltway dramas to get the thumbs down from major networks. Networks are concerned a new political series will never measure up to The West Wing, according to a New York Times editorial. From the… Read more »

Make Your Own Web Commercial…just don’t fall of a ladder

A number of startups think there’s a market for helping businesses make videos of their products – sort of a QVC for the masses. In Tuesday’s New York Times, Bob Tedeschi describes the nascent TalkMarket: “It begins with an online tutorial of how to shoot product demonstration videos: light well, change camera angles, speak as… Read more »