Rest stop round up

While Virginia has closed 18 rest areas, Texas is adding a new meaning to information superhighway. The Lone Star state is adding free WiFi and Internet kiosks at all 98 rest areas. For more about that you can listen to the report on National Public Radio. Meanwhile in Virginia, both gubernatorial candidates have vowed to… Read more »

Governor Kaine wants rail in Richmond

High-speed rail in Richmond chugs closer to reality. Gov. Tim Kaine met with Vice President Biden  at the White House yesterday to discuss regional high-speed rail and tried to secure some of the $8 billion  that has been allocated by Obama for the U.S. transportation project. “The meeting went very well,” said Gordon Hickey, Kaine’s… Read more »

Keeping an eye on VDOT

Frustrated over a lack of external audits for the Virginia Department of Transportation, state Senator Mark Obenshain (R-Harrisonburg) has launched a website called “Expose VDOT Waste” that invites citizens to report wasteful spending by the department. The site also has a companion Facebook group with more than 400 members. The site is partly in response to VDOT’s announcement… Read more »