Stan Maupin

Guest Opinion: How Crocs got their bite

Last weekend I wore a pair of “U-Va. orange” Crocs to a football game. I got laughed at, but I learned a valuable business lesson, writes Stan Maupin.

Guest Opinion: Mistakes are the best teacher

There has been a warehouse full of books written about what makes businesses successful, and you can find a lunch meeting every week with a speaker from the latest fast-growing company. But listen to them carefully. Usually, their story will be filled with examples of how they avoided pitfalls or built something better based on a mistake or failure, writes Stan Maupin in this week’s Guest Opinion.

Guest Opinion: How full is your glass?

We all know people who see the glass as half-empty and others who see it as half-full. Business owners and financial officers looking for funding seem to fall into the first category, while bankers and other lenders have the latter view. But they agree on one thing: No one is happy.

Guest Opinion: The late-payer dilemma

Collecting accounts receivable is a challenge even when the economy is booming. Today, it has become a matter of survival for some businesses. The bankruptcies continue in Richmond, and will probably not slow for some time. In this week’s guest column, Stan Maupin explains the risks of extending terms.

Guest Opinion: The Outlook Calendar Index is Improving

The views expressed in Guest Opinions represent only those of the author and are in no way endorsed by Richmond BizSense or any BizSense staff member. It might not be the kind of economic indicator that is quoted in the Wall Street Journal, but I think my appointment calendar for the past few months suggests… Read more »