Bank of Hampton Roads

More of French’s follies to be auctioned


Bank of Hampton Roads is foreclosing on two buildings in Scott’s Addition and hoping to recover some of the $15 million it lent Justin French.

Battle over Wilton shares gets heated

A federal bankruptcy judge rejected an agreement that would have paved the way for Hank Wilton to sell his shares and bow out of the Wilton Companies.

Banks go after one another in French fiasco

Two more Virginia banks are trying to recover millions squandered on incomplete historic renovations by Justin French. Only this time the banks didn’t lend directly to French.

More dough, but a smaller piece of the pie

An FDIC report shows that many locally based banks saw their local deposit base increase in the past year but watched their share of the total market decrease thanks to Bank of America’s growth.

Architect on French projects sued

The lender on two of Justin French’s troubled properties has filed suit against the projects’ architect for allegedly misrepresenting the progress of the rehabilitations, but it’s not clear yet where the money went, as one local contractor filed liens becuase he wasn’t paid.