Chesterfield County

Firm kept lawns green but landed in the red

On the hook for millions with several banks and facing lawsuits in Chesterfield County, a local irrigation company has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Monday Q&A: Best. Year. Ever.

Sabra groundbreaking

Chesterfield Economic Development Director Will Davis describes the county’s wildly successful fiscal 2012.

SportsQuest lease might close this week

SportsQuest has moved one step closer to getting public funding, and the deal might be consummated by week’s end, according Chesterfield County officials. Plus lawyers worked out a pecking order of who would get paid first if the project doesn’t stick.

Apartment signs effective, but not kosher in Chesterfield

A Chesterfield apartment complex is being told by the County government to take down road-front signs on its property to comply with zoning laws. The apartment complex says the signs are the most effective form of advertising and that the development is a huge economic engine.

Bright spots for homebuilders

Homebuilders have been eerily silent the past few quarters, but for builders in Chesterfield County, the market is starting to turn around. It’s another story on the other side of the River in Henrico, where building activity is still in a deep freeze. Homebuilders around Richmond say the main problem now is that most buyers can’t sell their existing homes.

Chester staffing firm cuts 261 jobs

Chester-based AdvantaStaff Inc. has notified the state that it will lay off 261 employees. Employees at the staffing services company were notified on Monday and the cuts will take effect 30 days later on June 5. The company is one of Chesterfield County’s top 25 employers, listed eighth in an annual economic impact survey the… Read more »

Chesterfield looks to cut development fees

Development in Chesterfield County is set to become less expensive, if the Board of Supervisors follows a recent recommendation by the planning department to cut fees. The Chesterfield Planning Commission voted unanimously last week to lower fees on residential, office, commercial and industrial conditional-use applications by more than 20 percent. The fees were raised in… Read more »

Chesterfield foreclosures down slightly in January

Chesterfield County’s real estate market hasn’t escaped the foreclosure bug, but it’s not as bad as in other parts of the state. According to RealtyTrac, there were 186 new foreclosure filings in the county in January, the last month for which data are available. That’s 10 more than were reported at the same time last… Read more »