First Capital Bank

Course glut is good for golfers

Private golf clubs across Richmond are rolling out the red carpet for new members, lowering or eliminating initiation fees and discounting food at the clubhouse. Plus, one of the only courses with caddies pays down its debt.

Discount mortgages encouraging buyers

Just when it seemed mortgage rates couldn’t get any lower, First Market Bank dipped below 4 percent on mortgages for homes sold by homebuilders they lent to. Other banks followed suit, and the program is helping sell houses.

Monday Q&A: Why are local banks merging like crazy?

Within the last month, six Virginia banks have paired up faster than high schoolers on prom night. For the Monday Q&A, RBS sits down with two banking consultants and asks what the mergers may mean for local business, and whether local banks have buyer’s remorse about taking TARP money.