Hank Wilton

Would-be development heads to the block

Riverview Green sign

More than 100 acres that were to be the home of a development tied to Hank Wilton and Bill DuVal will be auctioned on the steps of the Henrico County Courthouse.

From bankruptcy to the block

More than 200 acres set aside for a residential development that never made it out of the ground will be auctioned off Monday.

Battle over Wilton shares gets heated

A federal bankruptcy judge rejected an agreement that would have paved the way for Hank Wilton to sell his shares and bow out of the Wilton Companies.

Squeezed out

A prominent developer will sell his stake in the company his father founded under pressure from colleagues who told him they would foreclose on his house and force his wife into bankruptcy if he did not comply.

‘You can’t get any financing’

Part of a massive mixed-use development in Ashland tied to one of the area’s largest real estate developers is going into foreclosure and will be auctioned off this month.

The bankruptcy bug

The recent bankruptcy filing of one of region’s biggest individual developers has led to another bankruptcy filing this week by someone who was involved in a project with him.

Loan troubles swamp veteran developer

Hank Wilton, a long-time Richmond developer with a family history in the business, has declared personal bankruptcy. Plus, BizSense has the filing for readers who need to know who is owed money.

Down but not out

A longtime local real estate developer is dealing with the boom-bust hangover, battling with former investors and banks and stepping down temporarily as chairman of a real estate development that bears his name.