Buddies in brew: Coffee shop and beer maker find common ground

Black Hand and Triple Crossing partnered to create Nitro Cold Brew. (Courtesy Triple Crossing)

Black Hand and Triple Crossing partnered to create Nitro Cold Brew. (Courtesy Triple Crossing)

Two local brewers are serving up coffee with a different kind of cream.

Black Hand Coffee Co. and Triple Crossing Brewing have formed a joint venture to peddle their new brand of cold-brewed coffee called Nitro Cold Brew.

Made with Black Hand beans and canned with nitrogen by Triple Crossing, the company is launching with an initial batch of about five barrels of coffee, which equates to about 240 16-ounce cans.

The cans are being sold for $5 at Black Hand and Triple Crossing locations.

Black Hand owner Clay Gilbert said the cans soon will be distributed around town, starting with Union Market, 821 Cafe and Strawberry Street Market.

Gilbert said the firms will make five-barrel batches every couple of weeks, depending on demand.

Triple Crossing co-owner Adam Worcester said the two sides got acquainted when it worked with Black Hand and Gilbert to brew beers that incorporated coffee as an ingredient.

“Their coffee is already so good, and the nitro gives it this plus, this soft mouthfeel to drink,” Worcester said.

Nitro Cold Brew’s cans feature art by local designer Sarah Shannon of Foggy London Towne, who’s done work for Black Hand and Triple Crossing previously.

Black Hand is preparing to open its second location, Black Hand Cafe Nostra, at 15 E. Brookland Park Blvd. That will join its current shop at 3101 Patterson Ave. in the Museum District.

Triple Crossing opened its new taproom and production facility at 5203 Hatcher St. in Fulton Hill in December, while maintaining its original location downtown at 113 S. Foushee St.

Other local companies are making big bets on cold-brewed coffee. Confluence Coffee last year announced it was leaving its original digs in Manchester for a larger space near the Diamond.

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