Thomas Bowden

Guest Opinion: Fizzy math

In this week’s Guest Opinion, RBS’s free market fan would rather New York not tell food stamp users that they can’t use public funds on soda, even if it had a net positive benefit to them and the taxpayers.

Guest Opinion: Use the oil spill to examine the issues

What if there is no real consensus that CO2 causes warming, or what if the consensus is based on bad data, unsound science, or both? Who will make the case for sanity and the scientific method?

Guest Opinion: Lies, damned lies and job statistics

Is Northrop Grumman’s move to Virginia as monumental as the headlines lead us to believe? This week local attorney Tom Bowden writes that it’s probably not, and that the entire justification for economic development is fishy.

Guest Opinion: What Richmond has that Google wants

By now everyone knows that Google plans to build an experimental gigabit network for some lucky community and that Richmond has thrown its hat in the ring. But before we stoop to silly stunts like renaming the city (e.g. Google, Kansas, the city formally known as Topeka), let’s think about the deeper benefits.

Guest Opinion: For whom the bell tolls

The new governor wants to create 29,000 jobs. And Congress may pass a new jobs bill. In this week’s Guest Opinion, local attorney Tom Bowden wonders if how that is supposed to work.