The Docket

The Docket: Circuit Court Roundup for 8.30.10

A jammed packed Docket this week: A Chesterfield construction business alleges an employee spent $40,000 of its money on personal expenses, while several landlords are suing tenants for unpaid rent. Plus, a woman is suing the zoo in Chesterfield after she slipped while watching the giraffes.

The Docket: Circuit Court Roundup for 8.16.10

A bank wants money it said it’s owed by a construction company, while a landlord wants payment from a Carytown merchant. plus several slip-and-fall lawsuits and an advertising company tries to seek money it says its owed.

The Docket: Circuit Court Roundup for 8.9.10

A meaty Docket this week, with an alleged life insurance fraud, and a hospital as commercial landlord trying to collect rent from a tenant and lots of businesses trying to collect past-due bills. Plus Henrico County alleged that a local super market violated zoning ordinances and a downtown bar gets sued by a woman who fell down the stairs.

The Docket: Circuit Court Roundup for 7.26.10

A Flying Squirrels fan claims he slipped at a game and is suing the Diamond’s municipal owners for what he says are shoddy and narrow steps. Plus a landlord alleges a restaurant is behind on its rent in Chesterfield and an out-of-state architect claims it hasn’t been paid by a big local developer working in another state. And lots of other legal proceedings.

The Docket: Circuit Court Roundup for 7.19.10

The RRHA wants to condemn land on East 18th Street, while Dominion has a disagreement with a coal provider and a developer said it didn’t get the final drawings permit drawings from a vendor. Plus, an old-age home wants more than $100,000 back from an IT company it said never installed the equipment it said it did.

The Docket: Circuit Court Roundup for 5.25.10

Lots of businesses trying to collect alleged unpaid bills and unpaid loans this week, plus an eminent domain fight in the City of Richmond and a woman says she slipped and fell on produce at a grocery store. Maybe it was a banana? And a retail clerk wants $4 million from her former employer whom she claims told other workers and customers that she stole and embezzled.