The Docket

The Docket: Court Roundup for 9.8.11

Lots of collections efforts, especially in construction. And two dentists are fueding after one claims he was given the first right to purchase a property. Plus a plaintiff claims the Cracker Barrel was serving cleaning solution instead of water. She wants $7.5 million.

The Docket: Court Roundup for 9.1.11

Performance Foods is trying to collect from customers. Plus a paintball business is again alleging its business broker stole trade secrets. And a plaintiff wants a $1.2 million garnishment from an antiques business.

The Docket: Court Roundup for 8.18.11

Lots of businesses trying to collect. Plus a local computer manufacturer is suing its former marketing firm for bad-mouthing it after the contract was not renewed and the Virginia Tourism Corporation is going after an apparel company for allegedly using its trademarked “Virginia is for Lovers” slogan. And a former patient claims her surgeon left sponges inside her abdomen after a procedure.

The Docket: Court Roundup for 8.4.11

Tons of business lawsuits this week: A bank is trying to collect millions from a Richmond-based restaurant ownership group, plus lots of construction-related suits. And an aggrieved customer claims she was locked in the dressing room of a Leggs Hanes outlet for hours. She wants $750,000 in damages. Plus two lawyers are being sued.

The Docket: Court Roundup for 7.6.11

More fallout over a Mayo Island billboard the City of Richmond wants taken down. Plus a sour lawsuit between business partners at a Western Henrico candy shop. And a railroad company wants to collect $25 million in fuel surcharges it says power companies haven’t paid.