First Capital Bank

The first big hurdle cleared


A Northern Virginia investor moved one step closer last week to being able to buy a big piece of a local bank.

A $9.8 million ace in the hole

A Northern Virginia investor wants to buy a chunk of a local bank and give it a shot of fresh cash.

Battle over Wilton shares gets heated

A federal bankruptcy judge rejected an agreement that would have paved the way for Hank Wilton to sell his shares and bow out of the Wilton Companies.

Local banks get rated

Richmond remained home to two of the lowest rated banks and one of the lowest rated credit unions in Virginia through the first quarter, according to ratings released last week.

Inside Wilton’s bankruptcy hearing

Developer Hank Wilton is called on to answer for his financial choices, including why he accumulated so many lots and why he sold an Aston Martin for $46,000.

Two local banks get lowest rating

Two local banks were among the lowest-rated financial institutions in the state, according to bank and credit union ratings released last week. But both banks are trying hard to fix the situation ASAP.