Shawn Boyer

Snagajob snagging new digs?

Local job-posting company Snagajob is looking to lease more office space in Innsbrook, according to sources close to the deal. The company recently raised $27 million in venture capital and plans to hire 100 employees.

Snagajob follow-up

BizSense reported June 1 that Snagajob, one of the fastest growing companies in Richmond, had laid off 6 employees. Since that story ran, two sources familiar with the company said that two more have been let go for performance reasons, bringing the headcount is down to 120, or about 14 percent less than peak employment of 140 in December.

Recession forces cuts at

One of Richmond’s fastest growing firms is taking a small step back, laying off employees on account of the recession.

Snag an award

Ohh the irony: Snagajob and its posse of hip .coms have slaughtered the cash cow formerly known as newspaper help wanted ads. Yet, the company has relied on the mainstream media to promote the brand. The company needs jobs seekers to use the site, after all.