T-D’s new brand of Gotcha! journalism

Each issue of a new weekly newspaper published by a division of the Richmond Times-Dispatch is filled with arrest photos of the week collected from the metro area.

Baseball debate turning into a full season of speculation

As soon as it seems dead in the water, the baseball debate in Richmond keeps coming back. Charlie Diradour extended his hand in peace today to those in the opposite dugout at a news conference he called. Connecticut, the giant Indian sculpture, looked down over the scene, a thick layer of pollen dusted over its… Read more »

Media in decline, bahh

What was once a side business for a small website development firm has grown from a plucky aggregator to a network of news sites with more than 10 local advertisers. Pharr Out has hired a full-time ad sales person and owner Ross Catrow said it may even be time to add a full-time reporter.

Large round of layoffs at the T-D

The Times-Dispatch told 28 editorial staffers and31 non-newsroom employees Thursday that they were no longer needed and could leave immediately. Several of the laid-off workers had decades of experience, which likely means their salaries were higher than the younger reporters and might be one reason they were cut.

So long, inRich.com

Media General’s fling with the inRich.com domain name is coming to an end. The company plans to phase out inRich.com and re-brand Richmond.com with a similar format, according to information Media General provides to potential advertisers.  Media General owns the Times-Dispatch.

The Times-Dispatch’s Trifecta of Confusion

The whole user generation thing isn’t a great business plan for a newspaper company when users can slam your new product on the day of its launch. Yesterday Media General split the Times-Dispatch.com from InRich.com, and dozens of comment on the Times-Dispatch’s ridicules the layout and usability. Before Thursday, if you typed in www.timesdispatch.com, you… Read more »

T-D needs to update ads

An ad for the Chamber’s event last week is still up on the T-D website. Are they trying to build brand awareness for next year?