Amy David

Rebirth for Carytown retailer

The third time may be the charm for one local retailer, now that a former customer is taking over the company.

To the museums and back

A popular and free nighttime bus service launched a pilot tourism route today that will take residents and visitors to museums and historic sites around town.

Local nonprofits join forces

CHIP of Greater Richmond has merged with Family Lifeline, creating an abuse-prevention and health services organization with 40 employees and a combined annual budget of $3.5 million.

The Williams-Sonoma of bedding?

Two London-educated friends just opened an upscale bedding store in Short Pump, and they’re manufacturing some of the merchandise under their own label at a plant in Danville.

Northside retail, with a pulse

After 20 years in the blood business, a former nonprofit executive now has two years of experience in running her own retail business under her belt.