Amy David

Hospital invests in hospitality

SMH Guest House Design elevationfeatured

St. Mary’s is building a $4 million guesthouse next year where people can stay while visiting a sick relative or friend.

Bagel shop’s departure leaves a hole in Carytown

Jaks Bagels and Deli shop next to Ruth & Ollie on West Cary Street has closed. The entire shop has been cleaned out. Husband and wife Kevin and Jacqueline Sharman opened Jaks in 2010. An employee at Ruth & Ollie said the shop was vacated about six weeks ago.

A new way to keep current


A local software engineer and his college buddy have launched a startup to make business run a little smoother for contractors.

Beer ad falls flat with local agency


A local ad agency has gone public with its beef over a campaign designed by a Colorado competitor, and the tiff has gone viral.

Divine inspiration


For homeowners who are sick of hiring the kid down the block to mow the lawn halfway, a new Richmond business offers an alternative.

Boulevard restaurant goes dark

Stronghill restaurant

Upscale restaurant Stronghill Dining Company at 1200 N. Boulevard across from Buzz and Ned’s closed April 10.

Revolving restaurants

tower fish

Tower Fish House, which was formerly Byram’s Lobster House for 70 years, quietly closed in March after a one-month run.

From doodles to dollars


Annie Ward Love launched her business, Love Lines, with a line of note cards and prints while she was in middle school.