Commercial Real Estate

An unexpected perk

Restaurateurs at the edge of the Fan are using a prime piece of real estate as a temporary parking lot until its municipal owner can sell it to developers.

One fence is mended, another comes down

A local restaurant has reached an agreement with the owner of an adjacent strip of land the eatery had used for decades as part of its driveway and parking lot.

101 reasons for optimism

A local builder is planning a subdivision on the Southside near Chippenham Hospital.

A new recipe for residential

The Rebkee Company is planning to turn the Interbake cookie factory into 178 apartments.

Lingerfelt moves Boulders

Lingerfelt Properties has purchased another 300,000 square feet of office space. And the Richmond-based firm has more deals in the hopper.

VCU signs lease at Willow Lawn

VCU Health Systems says it picked the location because of “ease of access and surrounding amenities.”

More housing — and hops? — on tap

The Manchester apartment boom continues with 39 apartments on Hull Street and a possible frosty addition to the retail scene.

An unobstructed view

Outdoor diners at Legend Brewery in Manchester are enjoying an even better view of the downtown skyline now that huge sections of the Reynolds South plant have been razed.

Rich vein of new apartments

Two local developers want to mine a profit from the headquarters of a former Richmond coal giant.