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LandAmerica bosses headed to trial

A federal bankruptcy judge’s decision clears the path for a trial to determine whether the bosses at LandAmerica were so incompetent during its demise that they should pay damages to creditors.

ARC to the rescue? Probably not

Several small business owners have contacted BizSense and said all the local banks they called were either not interested in the ARC program, or still trying to figure out how it works. Local bankers say the loans don’t offer enough payoff for the effort.

Are you ready to start talking franchise?

It takes two to do the franchise tango. First there’s the franchisor. He’s typically the entrepreneur that built a company from scratch. He also generally likes taking risks, said Eric Perkins, a business attorney at Hirschler Fleischer. The franchisee, on the other hand, is usually a “straight-A student and likes to learn a system and… Read more »