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A new political ad blames President Obama for the demise of a long-running barbecue chain.

A dreamy marketing campaign?

A Richmond company just launched a campaign that targets people’s desire to achieve their dreams.

Inauguration draws lodgers to Richmond

The buzz of Obama-mania stretched down to Richmond yesterday, and a handful of local businesses saw a boost of tourism dollars. Trains between Richmond and Washington were sold out all day yesterday, according to a station representative, and the Amtrak station was twice as busy as a normal Tuesday. Sales were also brisk over the… Read more »

Gun dealers aim for big profits

Gun and ammo dealers will be counting extra profits this week; the election of Barack Obama is driving sales at gun shops from coast to coast. Frightened that Obama will infringe or restrict Second Amendment rights, buyers are stocking up on firearms, especially assault-type rifles that were banned during the Clinton Administration but became available… Read more »

Obama in, gun sales up??

Fears that an Obama presidency will place tighter restrictions on gun ownership have boosted sales at local gun stores, according to Richmond area firearm dealers. Almost all of the shops BizSense called said they saw increased sales leading up to Election Day. Workers at DeGoff’s Guns in Mechanicsville and Green Top Sporting Goods in Glen… Read more »

It’s time for change, reverse the ad spending slump

A close presidential race – especially for Virginia’s Electoral College votes – could provide a much-needed boost to Richmond’s media companies. TV stations will likely benefit the most, those familiar with the topic say. But catering companies, venues, and consultants might get smaller pieces of the election-spending pie.