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Who’s leaking news about Ukrop’s?

Ukrop’s is again in the headlines for a possible sale. And like last time, it’s because a grocery industry website ran a blurb about a possible sale. Local investment bankers and professionals are wondering: Where are the leaks?

Hello, will you be my friend?

Welcome to the second installment of Richmond 2.0, an RBS series that explores how Richmond businesses use social networking. Today, it’s the websites LinkedIn and Facebook, where businesses are increasingly friending one another and trying to find new contacts, customers and employees online.

Matrix Capital Markets Celebrates 20 Years, Continues Growth

RICHMOND, VA – July 22, 2008 – When Matrix first opened its doors as an M&A advisory firm over 20 years ago, our main focus was a commitment to excellence, passion for what we do and building long-lasting, solid relationships with our clients. Today, those principles still hold true. Over the years we have exceeded… Read more »