Kaitlin Mayhew

Local printer to close

A 40-year-old printing company that specialized in blue prints and other projects for architects and engineers is liquidating.

You go, girl

Two newly acquainted entrepreneurs want to start putting their insights on video blog posts as a way to help other female entrepreneurs, and they’ve opted for a very informal, stream-of-consciousness style.

A meeting of the entrepreneurial minds

For entrepreneurs or those who just daydream about the next best thing, there’s always more to learn and more people to meet. The Venture Forum, an association of entrepreneurs and support professionals (such as lawyers and accountants), is throwing its second annual Entrepreneur Fair on Thursday at the Capital One campus in Goochland.

What would you do with $1,000?

Guess how every single kid under 5 would choose to use a thousand bucks. Yup, they would spend it. On candy and toys, most likely, although a recently survey by the Junior Achievement of Central Virginia – an organization dedicated to educating young people about the workforce, entrepreneurship and financial literacy – didn’t go into quite that much detail.

A raise? Fat chance.

Fifty percent of Richmond companies are planning on giving raises in 2010, according to a study by the Titan Group, a Richmond HR consultancy.

Education fund hits the jackpot

A winning lottery ticket was purchased in October in Virginia, but no one has claimed the $250,000 prize. But what’s unfortunate for the buyer is a boon for education.

Paid with experience, but not $

Most college students believe that in order to get a good job, you first need a good internship. However, the entire internship economy has become a point of contention after a New York Times story reported that it’s likely illegal for most businesses to offer unpaid internships, especially if the student doesn’t get college credit. In Richmond, college students say that they can find paid internships and that they are necessary to get a foot in the door.

Blue Shoe steps into iPhone app biz

A local iPhone app company launched this week, and the it is looking to hire. Eddie Peloke created Blue Shoe, which provides the tools for restaurants to create their own iPhone applications. Their first app, for Vesuvio Bay Ridge, a restaurant in Brooklyn, N.Y., is now available to download in the iTunes store. Blue Shoe… Read more »

Real-life classroom

The old Westhampton School at Patterson and Libbie will likely be sold by the city, and students at VCU are researching the best use for the property.