A moniker 5 years in the making

A local nonprofit has merged with a Missouri organization, acquired a new name and added a second U.S. office.

A new growing season is here

The dust has finally settled in the skirmish between a Goochland farming nonprofit and its former executive director. Turns out there were no accounting shenanigans going on. Nevertheless, Goochland will now have two farmers markets.

Seeds of discontent

Not all the drama happens in downtown boardrooms. The executive director of a small farming nonprofit in Goochland says she has been ousted after speaking out publicly about how the board of directors handles the money.

No-sweat nonprofit research

Just in time for the holiday giving season, getting a glimpse at the inner workings of local nonprofits just got easier.

At this park, money does grow on trees

But middle school students have to figure out how to spend it wisely in “real life” situations. And last night, Capital One officially donated the Finance Park to the group that runs it.

Grief camp gets lesson in communication

A local nonprofit was founded to help sooth kids in mourning, but lately the Richmond-based organization has been working to calm its own supporters.