Residential Real Estate

Developer ramps up residential projects

A home builder is starting off the New Year with plans for new waves of construction at three separate developments in the West End.

Memorable mansion sales of 2014


With at least one home selling for more than $1 million almost every month, 2014 was a busy year for high-end residential sales. Mansion sales topped out this year at more than $3.6 million when the estate of two local philanthropists sold to an exec from a Fortune 500.

Home builder digs into $7M project

A development and building firm is unveiling some updated home designs for its latest subdivision, a 60-acre single-family project in Chesterfield County.

Monument mansions top November sales

Three homes on Monument Avenue sold for more than $1.5 million last month, including the former home of convicted developer Billy Jefferson. And a 100-year-old house was purchased by the former head of a local Fortune 500.

Rehab effort salvages dilapidated house

A home in Jackson Ward was falling apart when a nonprofit bought it for $17,000 earlier this year. After months of work, the 19th century house will soon be inhabitable again after years of vacancy.

At $1.6M, Manakin mansion tops recent sales

The two highest-priced homes sold in the area in October were a mansion in the Meadows community of Manakin-Sabot and a 200-year-old Midlothian armory.