Residential Real Estate

Memorable mansion sales of 2014


With at least one home selling for more than $1 million almost every month, 2014 was a busy year for high-end residential sales. Mansion sales topped out this year at more than $3.6 million when the estate of two local philanthropists sold to an exec from a Fortune 500.

Home builder digs into $7M project

A development and building firm is unveiling some updated home designs for its latest subdivision, a 60-acre single-family project in Chesterfield County.

Monument mansions top November sales

Three homes on Monument Avenue sold for more than $1.5 million last month, including the former home of convicted developer Billy Jefferson. And a 100-year-old house was purchased by the former head of a local Fortune 500.

Rehab effort salvages dilapidated house

A home in Jackson Ward was falling apart when a nonprofit bought it for $17,000 earlier this year. After months of work, the 19th century house will soon be inhabitable again after years of vacancy.

At $1.6M, Manakin mansion tops recent sales

The two highest-priced homes sold in the area in October were a mansion in the Meadows community of Manakin-Sabot and a 200-year-old Midlothian armory.