It’s no Picasso, but museum bets big on China

The VMFA has budgeted nearly $2M to put on its newest exhibit, which includes shipping 200 works of art on multiple flights because the collection is too valuable to send together.

Maymont halfway to $35 million goal

The 100-acre estate that costs $13,000 a day to maintain is in the middle of its largest capital campaign since the ’90s. The money will be used for improvements, endowments and the relocation of the Maymont Foundation headquarters.

Nonprofits shed some paperwork

A Richmond organization that links volunteers with local charities is offering a system that streamlines nonprofits costly and cumbersome background check process.

Nonprofit seeks to polish its image

A local nonprofit that operates a former downtown hotel as a hospital guest house has hired a local marketing agency to revive its brand.

New properties on the map for nonprofits

An update to state law has widened the pool of tax-delinquent properties that the city can sell to nonprofits. The change has organizations like Habitat for Humanity eyeing some of the hundreds of new properties for potential use in low-income housing projects.

Give me liberty … and a new paint job

The St. John’s Church Foundation is raising money to restore the space where Patrick Henry rallied Virginians to join the Revolutionary War. The foundation has already secured about a third of the $324,000 repairs.