Drunk on school spirit?

There might be a new must-have item for tailgating at college football games this year. Bud Light is selling college-themed cans in the colors of the dear old alma mater, but the promotion is causing a ruckus off the field. Brown Distributing, which handles Bud Light, said it has four college-themed cans. The company said… Read more »

Monday Q&A: News isn’t always free?

All this hubbub about PAID CONTENT in the media biz suggests this is uncharted territory. But that’s dead wrong. Will Stewart, who owns SportsWar, which runs sports-fan-related websites for UVA and Virginia Tech, has been charging subscribers for a decade. This week, BizSense chats with Stewart about the future of the subscriber model.

Veteran Va. writers launch online sports section

A group of veteran sports writers have launched a subscription-based website covering Virginia colleges. Mike Harris, who had been working at VCU after leaving the Times-Dispatch, is at the helm of the self-funded project.

For Hire: Twitter and Facebook whiz

For the more than 60 PR and marketing firms in Richmond, it’s time to adapt, and quickly. A handful of local firms are betting that social networking is the lifeline, but that could be a risky strategy.

Media in decline, bahh

What was once a side business for a small website development firm has grown from a plucky aggregator to a network of news sites with more than 10 local advertisers. Pharr Out has hired a full-time ad sales person and owner Ross Catrow said it may even be time to add a full-time reporter.

Large round of layoffs at the T-D

The Times-Dispatch told 28 editorial staffers and31 non-newsroom employees Thursday that they were no longer needed and could leave immediately. Several of the laid-off workers had decades of experience, which likely means their salaries were higher than the younger reporters and might be one reason they were cut.

TV crew coming to Richmond to film pilot

Richmond just got cast as a stand-in for Washington, D.C. A pilot for the CW network will start filming in Richmond next week with camera crews shooting around Capitol Square and the Fan. The pilot, which is being produced by CBS Paramount, started prepping a few weeks ago and plans to finish filming by the… Read more »