Q&A: Anything you can do, I can do wetter

Two entrepreneurs are expanding their aquatic offerings on the James River to include floating yoga classes and whitewater paddleboarding.

Monday Q&A: How Sports Backers hit its stride

Jon Lugbill talks about this weekend’s Monument Avenue 10K, the nonprofit’s growth and why his organization might well be the Wawa of race organizers.

Q&A: The busiest phone number around

Jim Porter, who mans the green-and-black To the Bottom and Back buses, dishes on his new route and his nonprofit’s continued popularity.

Monday Q&A: Tomato beer?

The craft brewery boom is spreading to Ashland, and a major league baseball pitcher and his engineer brother are leading the charge.

Monday Q&A: Two kinds of kings

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts drew more than 200,000 visitors with its Pablo Picasso exhibit in 2011, and now it’s trying to keep up the tempo with exhibitions about Elvis Presley and India’s royalty.

Monday Q&A: From broker to developer

Midlothian-based Rebkee Company completely revamped its business model, branching out from developing locations for drugstore chain CVS to placing the winning bid on some iconic buildings.

Monday Q&A: A high-caliber academy

Ed Coleman is passionate about guns, and he’s creating a home away from home for other local enthusiasts.